Primary School   $200

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Prices quoted are per calendar year  (or part thereof)

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One Planet Classrooms is engaged with many schools in developing countries, particularly Uganda. We are pleased to offer student sponsorships for children who have no way of finding the funds to attend school. Sponsorship is for 1 calendar year and includes school fees, lunch, books, uniform and back pack. The date on each profile is the year they were born.

While we highly recommend sponsoring a child to give them the opportunity to be educated, we kindly ask you to recognise that a child requires several years of education to ensure they have the opportunity to relieve themselves and their family of poverty, so while not imperative, please consider your capacity to support your child through these years. Thank you for your support.

Secondary School  $250

     The children with the yellow star were originally noted as they had only 1-2 years left in Primary School and the sponsorship fee increases when they move on to Secondary School. However as we add more children and some are sponsored temporarily or only complete random terms, this has become too difficult to maintain. So please just ignore the yellow star.  Thank you.

One Planet Classrooms

Student Sponsorship

Important! Pricing is for a calendar year from February - December.

Please note that while we provide a PayPal option, our preferred method is via direct debit to avoid fees. Please email us at for more information.

Why sponsor a girl? - In many developing countries, women are not regarded as equal to men and therefore are often overlooked when it comes to basic needs such as education. Girls are also forced into early marriage, often as young as 12yrs old, if they are not attending school.

Why sponsor a boy? - Boys turn into men. If boys are educated they study alongside girls and learn to respect them as equals, reducing the likelihood of blindly following inherited, uneducated beliefs.

Both play an equal and vital role in breaking the cycle.

NB: some of the students appearing here are wearing a school uniform. These students have been studying but are no longer able to due to personal circumstances, generally the death of a parent. We are committed to helping these students maintain their education and encourage sponsors to support them.