Around 62 million girls worldwide are not in school. Many of these girls will never be educated and will never have the chance to create better life opportunities. These girls are subject to a range of situations that often do not even meet their basic human rights. One such challenge is early marriage. Girls as young as 7 and 8 are being forced to marry adult men. Without education, this will remain their reality, and leave them subject to a life of injustice.

In Sub-Saharan Africa only 2 out of 35 countries have gender parity. Only education will change this.

One of the most common reasons girls in Africa miss out on school is because they can't afford protection when they have their period. They are unable to attend at this time, severely challenging the likeliness of them passing, particularly at exam time.

Many students resort to using dirt, leaves, bark or filthy rags for protection as a desperate measure to continue their education, often resulting in serious hygiene/health issues.

One Planet Classrooms has 2 methods of supplying pads and undies. We host regular sewing days where people contribute time with like minded others to physically make pads. We also fundraise to send money to established partners in Africa who then make the pads there and distribute as required. Both methods are very effective.

We are solidly committed to making a difference for girls in Africa.

What you can do:

  • Join us at one of our pad making events (see our Facebook page or website events page for information)
  • Donate material and/or undies if you can get them to us
  • Make pads in the comfort of your own home (email us for the pattern)
  • Gather some friends and host regular sewing 'get-togethers'
  • Donate money for the African based projects we partner with

Your support is greatly appreciated

Sanitary Pads

One Planet Classrooms

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Thank you so much Linda & Jen

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