Tanya Joiner
Assistant Director

Tanya is a teacher, case manager, disability worker and youth advocate. Tanya is passionate about equality and empowerment and specialises in transitioning youth into roles in society that enhance esteem and social recognition.

Fred Atuhaire

Student Sponsorship Coordinator - Uganda

Fred is the Director of Studies at Magunga Primary School in Uganda, and is also the patron of the Joy for Children club, the environmental conservation club and the debating club. Fred is a staunch advocate for youth empowerment.

Elius Muhimbise

Project Coordinator - Uganda

Elius is a strong advocate for wildlife, Executive Director of Uphill Junior School, Project Coordinator at Let's Do It Uganda, and empowers the local women with environmentally clean cooking stoves.

Kerryn Vaughan

Founder / Director

Kerryn is an international author and creator of Magnificent Kids! She is also a singer/songwriter, teacher and renowned inspirational speaker. Kerryn is an unrelenting advocate for animal rights, wildlife, youth and the disadvantaged. Equality for every living being is the #1 priority - no exceptions!

"If we can make a difference - why wouldn't we?"

Our Team

One Planet Classrooms

Joseline Korugyendo

Student Sponsorship Coordinator - Uganda

Joseline is the Founder / Director of Future Generation Nursery & Primary School in Uganda, also known as 'Auntie Joseline' because of the incredible relief she provides to the desperate. Joseline is exceptionally passionate about women's rights, and raises women's voices through journalism and community education.

We are not your average Board. We are a dynamic group of highly motivated individuals who live life to the full, enjoying and embracing every moment. We don't just talk the talk - we walk the walk! We are exceptionally passionate about creating a better world and we will stop at nothing to see it happen. If we need to move mountains, we will find a way. We hope you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy each other... 

Diana Nielsen

Board Member


Kate Smith

Board Member


Nicky Williams

Board Member