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Our projects

We regularly provide the opportunity for individuals or groups to support very important community projects including water tanks, solar systems, sustainability projects, mozzie nets, and other much needed resources.

For only $250 for Primary and $300 for Secondary, you can sponsor a child's education for an entire year. This price includes fees, books, uniform and lunch. You will be making a huge difference to a child's life. Please check out the sponsorship page.

One Planet Classrooms is a Not-For-Profit organisation that provides support to individuals, schools and communities in developing countries. Our 3 primary projects are Student Sponsorships, Sanitary Pad making, and projects that directly relieve poverty and suffering. One Planet Classrooms subscribes to the 'Pay it Forward' principle and our vision is to create a united, peaceful planet.

100% of donations goes directly to facilitating projects in developing countries. We sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you!

Sanitary Pads

Sponsor a child

Thousands of girls in Africa are unable to attend school when they have their period because they cannot afford such a basic need as sanitary pads. We have pad making events, undie drives, and we partner with pad making projects in Africa.

One Planet Classrooms